How to choose the best tents for your event in Uganda

How to choose the best tents for your event in Uganda

The need to hire tents is always endless. There are many people that hire tents for specific reasons however it takes a lot of effort to find the perfect tent for your event. What do you need to consider when looking for tent for your event in Uganda. Here are some of the tips that are going to help you choose the best tents for your event in the country:

Estimate the number of people that are likely to attend your event

It all starts with people. You must be able to estimate the number of people that you would like to attend your event. For example, if you are hiring a tent for your wedding, introduction, or any corporate event; we should be able to estimate the number of people that will attend. Knowing the number of people will give you a chance to know the tent to choose. Tents hold different number of people. We have a 20 seater, 50 seater, 100 seater, 200 seater and other tents that can hold a given number of people. For example, if you are planning to have a wedding of 200 people, you can simply hire a 200 seater tent to accommodate all your guests however if you are planning to have an introduction or Kwanjula event of about 200 people, it would be better to hire 2 tents which accommodate 100 people such that the Bako or people from your bride’s side sit in one tent and other  people sit another place.

Choose the tent according to your budget.

You should have a great budget that you have in mind. The price is very important and a determining factor in choosing your tent. The prices of tents fully depend on the number of people that it can hold as well as the structure of the tent. For example, a transparent tent is always more appealing to certain people than others.

Reason for hiring the tent in Uganda

There are many reasons why people hire tents. Many hire tents for wedding, introductions and Kukyala functions however there are some who simply hire tents for corporate events, birthdays, baby showers, funerals, family gathering and so many other functions. Ideally a wedding tent might be different than a funeral tent especially when you consider the accessories that come along with the tent

Do you want to hire a plan tent or with drappings, tables, chairs and other accessories.

You can hire tents with all the decorations or simply hire a tent with nothing, you should know whether you just need a tent or with decorations.

Book early to find the perfect tent

You should know that there are many events that take place within the country and therefore it is always advised to book early any tent to avoid disappointments.

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