Stage hire Uganda

Rent a stage in Uganda.

Do you have plans of holding an outdoor event that might require you to have a stage? We will do the best possible measures to ensure that you get the best stage.

Our stage rental service is available in Kampala and other areas in Uganda. Are you in Gulu, Mbarara, Entebbe or any part of the country with plans of holding an event? We will surely assist you find the perfect stage.

You are planning an event, one of the factors that you need to consider is setting up a stage. Staging is very important and some events cannot be fully successful without one.

The type of stage that you set up fully depends on the event.  There are a number of events that might require a stage and these include:

Corporate events.

Award shows.

Sporting events.


Fashion shows.


Festivals and concerts.

school events.

Rent a Stage in Kampala.

Setting up a stage may sometimes involve complex elements such as lighting trusses, video screens, and rigging. All of these require a very great professional to help you out.

Why is staging important?

There are many benefits of having a stage for your event and these include:

The stage acts as a focal point.

During the entire event, the stage will act a focal point and this helps to attract the audience‚Äôs attention.  if you are looking for ways to promote your event, you will simply look at setting  up one.

The stage offers the event a professional look.

If you are trying to attract some great clients to your event, one of the ways to achieve that is by simply having a stage. Your event will look so much professional and you shall be able to benefit from that.

If you are setting it up for performances, the performers will have enough space to move around.

There are many advantages of having a stage for your event. I highly recommend hiring one from us. We have medium stages for hire. Contact us today for the best details.

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