wedding photography Uganda

we offer the perfect wedding photography in Uganda. Do you want to get the best wedding photos that come in with a lot of memories? We will make sure that you enjoy the best wedding photography in Uganda. Our wedding photography services cover the entire country. Are you looking for the best wedding photographers in Kampala, Mbarara, Jinja , Entebbe, Wakiso,Mukono,and other locations around Uganda, we will surely get the best wedding services.

Wedding photo packages in Uganda.

We offer a number of wedding photo packages starting from 2.6m. Here are some of the packages
Bronze from 2.6m Silver from 3.6m Golden package from 5.5m
1 photographer plus an assistant 1 photographer and assistant 2 photographers and assistants
1 videographer 2 videographers Pre event photo shoot
200+ photos in an A3 photobook HD Audio for Videos Memory lane
3 art boards 250+ photos in an A3 photobook 6 art Boards
Short Video Branded DVD and Flash 50” screen extended display TV
Branded DVD Drone Services
  We have the best team of great photographers who have years of experience in handling wedding photos. Over the years, many clients have appreciated the work of our photographers. When it comes to taking videos, you will surely be assured of the best videographers who will be available to capture every moment. It is always a great memory to hire our photography services.

Kwanjula photography services in Uganda.

Our service does not only stop of Wedding but we also do the best kwanjula/ introduction photography in Uganda.  You will surely have the best Kwanjula photos when do you decide to choose us. Are you planning to hold a Kukyala ceremony, birthday, baby shower or any special event in Uganda and you are looking for the best photographers in the country, we will make sure that you enjoy the perfect photography services. Other photography services. We also have online streaming services, drone Services as an additional packages. Contact us today for the best photographer services in Uganda.  
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