Beach wedding venues in Uganda

Beach wedding venues in Uganda

If you are looking forward to having the best wedding, one of the factors that you should always consider is finding the best wedding venues. There are lots of great places around Uganda that offer the best memories however if you want to go over the top, looking for a beach wedding venues is worth every effort.  There is something undeniable about man and water. It just feels great to take your water at the beach front.  If you are considering to have a beach wedding, there are a number of beach wedding venues that you need to consider around Kampala.

You know that part of Kampala is located along the shores of Lake Victoria, there are some great beach wedding venues that you always choose from during search for any wedding location.

Here are some of the best and top notch beach wedding venues in Kampala

Kazi beach resort

Kazi beach resort  Busabala is one of the best beach wedding destination that you can think of while in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The resort offers a very tranquil and serene environment which is ideal for the perfect wedding . you will have the best panoramic views of the shores of Lake Victoria while perfecting having a great time. Since it is a resort, you can find the best wedding packages which include the Audio entertainment system, reception, and catering services.  It will be great joy to visit Kazi beach for your wedding venue. It is also possible to stay for your honeymoon as you will have great moments

One love Beach Busabala

This great property is an amazing place to hold your wedding. The beach has got amazing compounds which you can relax  while having the best wedding. You can get a full wedding package from them.

Kalanoga Resort

This is another great beach resort in Busabala which is located just 10m south of the Kampala, Kalanoga resort has a lot of space, it has acres of green compounds which are located at the shore of the Lake Victoria. You will have a perfect moment while having the perfect wedding in Kalanoga resort

Speke resort Munyonyo

Speke resort Munyonyo is one of the most common wedding venues around the country. The resort offers the best beach wedding experience with everything in place. Should you need a full wedding package, you can always get it.

There are many other beach wedding venues in Entebbe and in other areas around the Country but if you have plans of holding your wedding in Kampala, kindly consider  those mentioned places.

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